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ISO Files and How To Provide Us Your Video Master

We recently posted about how to provide us with your audio master for duplication and replication projects. We work with many different bands and musicians to provide high-quality CD duplication and replication, for which we prefer a master in the form of a DDP file or a physical audio CD.

Eyedea Worx and Notion Worx also handles many different film projects, from features and documentaries to corporate training videos and instructional DVDs. For video projects, our requirements for a client-provided master are much the same as with audio; we prefer an .ISO file or a physical DVD master copy.

Much like with a DDP, an ISO file is a single file that’s an exact representation of an entire video file. The contents of a disc can be precisely duplicated in a single ISO file, which means that we can then duplicate the exact contents of the video project without needing any additional instructions.


An ISO file is the only file that essentially acts like a physical DVD, with all of the data intact. This is why we like to either receive an ISO or a physical DVD, as both are great for re-creating an exact video sequence. ISO files can be sent via a program like Wetransfer or Dropbox and can reach us from anywhere in the world, saving shipping time and cost.

If you have separate video files (like MP4, Apple Pro-Res, or any other video format), we here at Eyedea Worx can most likely edit the clips together and author a new DVD master, but this will require some additional time and cost. Cost for video editing and authoring will depend on the length of the video and particular requirements for the DVD menu, as well as total time is takes to complete all requests. We also will need exact instructions for editing and sequencing and will create a test disc for approval before moving forward with any duplication or replication; this extra time is often not possible if a job needs to be turned around quickly.

So when considering Eyedea Worx for your DVD duplication and replication, keep in mind that the best master you can provide to ensure accurate reproduction is either a physical DVD or a ISO file. 

May Music Special! 500 Download Cards and 100 DIGIPAK CDs!

May Music Special

There are many different ways that musicians can get their music out to fans these days, so it’s always a good idea to try to get a new release out on several different formats.

Online streaming like Soundcloud, Spotify, and Pandora are always great ideas, as well as stores like Itunes, Amazon, and Bandcamp. But physical media is still a great way to sell or give out new music at shows, so CDs and download cards are a must-have for bands at any level.

This month, Eyedea Worx is running a special deal for bands that want to start a diverse offering for their music to be heard.

500 download cards (with a unique code on each that directs a fan to your website to download the new music) featuring your custom artwork on a professional, card-stock card are now only $0.49 each, a savings of $0.30 each!

100 DigiPak CD packages with 4-panel artwork and a custom-printed and duplicated CD are now just $4.29 each, a savings of $0.50 each!

If this is a deal that you need for your band, give us a call at Eyedea Worx!

800-973-9383 x 106

How To Have A Successful CD Release Party

You’ve worked long and hard on your music project and now it’s time for you to unveil your masterpiece to the world!
But before you start you thinking of selling your CDs and planning a CD release party at the newest hot spot in the city, be sure that you have a successful CD release party plan in place. Here are six tips to ensure that your new music release party is successful:
1. Have copyrights to your songs. You’re planning on sharing your work so protect it. Submit your song(s) for copyrights at: http://www.copyright.gov. You have the option of submitting your material online or mailing it in.
2. Set the date in advance. Don’t make the mistake of setting the release date up before you physically have your CDs in hand.
3. Have launch and post-release strategy. This will make or break the success of your release party and also your music project as a whole. Bring the hype and build anticipation well in advance via social networking sites, your website, mail/email lists and the press.
4. Invite the media, reviewers and bloggers. This should be done at least two months prior to the release as most journalists plan out their editorial calendars far in advance.
5. Make purchasing your music easy and submit it online. Sign up with an online music service such as iTunes, Amazon or Reverb Nation. Providing party guests with download cards for a free song is a great way to get them to your site.
6. Don’t sell your CDs at the release party, give them away. The reason you invite people to a CD release party is to share your music with them so that they will share your music with others by word of mouth, social networking and by traditional media outlets.
By: Carolee Rojas