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ISO Files and How To Provide Us Your Video Master

We recently posted about how to provide us with your audio master for duplication and replication projects. We work with many different bands and musicians to provide high-quality CD duplication and replication, for which we prefer a master in the form of a DDP file or a physical audio CD.

Eyedea Worx and Notion Worx also handles many different film projects, from features and documentaries to corporate training videos and instructional DVDs. For video projects, our requirements for a client-provided master are much the same as with audio; we prefer an .ISO file or a physical DVD master copy.

Much like with a DDP, an ISO file is a single file that’s an exact representation of an entire video file. The contents of a disc can be precisely duplicated in a single ISO file, which means that we can then duplicate the exact contents of the video project without needing any additional instructions.


An ISO file is the only file that essentially acts like a physical DVD, with all of the data intact. This is why we like to either receive an ISO or a physical DVD, as both are great for re-creating an exact video sequence. ISO files can be sent via a program like Wetransfer or Dropbox and can reach us from anywhere in the world, saving shipping time and cost.

If you have separate video files (like MP4, Apple Pro-Res, or any other video format), we here at Eyedea Worx can most likely edit the clips together and author a new DVD master, but this will require some additional time and cost. Cost for video editing and authoring will depend on the length of the video and particular requirements for the DVD menu, as well as total time is takes to complete all requests. We also will need exact instructions for editing and sequencing and will create a test disc for approval before moving forward with any duplication or replication; this extra time is often not possible if a job needs to be turned around quickly.

So when considering Eyedea Worx for your DVD duplication and replication, keep in mind that the best master you can provide to ensure accurate reproduction is either a physical DVD or a ISO file. 

Facebook Band Page: Yes, You Need It!


by Brooke Layman

Hey You!

Yes, you.

The band that keeps wondering why only your friends are showing up to your gigs…

Guess what! Your personal Facebook page is NOT a band page.

If you want to start seeing new faces in the audience you’re going to have to join the ranks of thousands of bands and musicians who have created their own personal band page on Facebook. I won’t walk you through the step-by-step guide but if you need these directions, here is a thoughtfully laid out article just for you.

Whew! Now that wasn’t so hard, was it?

So what should you do with your page? Why don’t you post some stuff!

Lifehacker suggests that photos are the most important thing to post on a Facebook music page. If you haven’t started gigging yet, take some cool pictures of your instruments or practice room. Hanging out on the back porch? Snap a few cameos and introduce your bandmates. If you are out on the stage, get your friends to take some shots. Tell them to tag your band in the pictures instead of posting them to your wall. If you can get your hands on the pictures, post them as your band and tag where they were taken. (Tagging means using the @ symbol before the name of the venue or company. Note: this won’t work for personal Facebook pages)


Post a few times a day if at all possible. You might post about other bands that you have seen lately (share the local music scene love) or when you are in the studio. You might want to share a funny story about how the singer of your band switched up the words “truck” and “duck” thereby creating a whole new theme to your song.

Whatever you post, make sure that you interact with your fans. You can’t just post stuff and walk away. If someone comments on something you’ve posted whether it’s good or bad, make sure you continue the conversation. How would you like it if you walked up to me and said, “I really like that sweater on you. Where did you buy it,” and I just stared at you but didn’t say anything back. Who knows, maybe you wouldn’t mind… but most people would! The moral of the story is interact, interact, interact.

One more thing about commenting: Comment as your band, not as yourself. Give all of your band members admin rights to your Facebook band page. If you comment as yourself, fans who do not know you personally may not realize that you are a part of the band therefore making them feel unappreciated and confused.

Ok, Ok. You’re starting to get the hang of this. What’s that you say? You want more fans? Don’t we all…

First and foremost, don’t buy fans. These are fake likes that won’t amount to anything. Just because you have a ton of likes on your page doesn’t mean their quality. If you have 5,000 fans and only 20 of them are actual people, how many people do you think are going to know about your next show? I’ll let you do the math on that one.

I put together this list of ideas on how to gain more fans with help from Sonicbids.com:

  • Hand out postcards or flyers at your next show or anywhere really with your Facebook URL or QR code on it
  • Release new songs from an upcoming album one by one on your page. This is called teasing and believe it or not, people like to be teased.
  • If you happen to be playing at some dive bar in West Virginia with only ten people in the audience, make sure that all ten of those people are fans before you leave that bar.
  • Thank your new fans when they like your page. It makes them happy
  • People love free stuff! Give away free downloads, free tickets or free merchandise.

Now you have fans, let’s make them friends. Give your fans a behind the scene tour of your gigs. Show them where you rehearse and tell them a little bit about yourselves. Don’t just be those guys who play at that bar once a month.

Do something different. Check out other bands’ Facebook pages and see what they are doing that sets them apart from the rest. Maybe you have a fuzzy stuffed banana that hangs out in your practice space and travels to all of your gigs with you. Maybe it’s time to introduce that little fuzzy banana to your fans…


I know, I know. This is a lot of information to take in at one time, but guess what. We are here to help. (Yes it’s shameless self-plugging time)

How Eyedea Worx can help you:

  • First of all, tell us about your upcoming shows! We will push it to our fan base and all of our music friends
  • Utilize the Eyedea Worx Facebook Free Download Utility. Send us your MP3 and we’ll blast it out for you!
  • Want to hand out singles, demos, or try your hand at selling an album at your next show? Let us help! We can get you 100 discs at under $175 with fast turn around times.
  • Let us get your gear for you. No, we won’t carry your equipment to your next show, but we can print (and design, if you need it) those postcards, flyers, and any other merch you want with your name on it

So don’t ever say we never did anything for you.

One last thing: If you like ours, we’ll like yours! Eyedea Worx on Facebook.


How to reach Eyedea Worx:

To let us know about your upcoming gig or to learn about offering free downloads, email Brooke.

To get information on CD printing and band merch, email us or fill out our quote request form.

Any other questions or comments, general inquiries can be sent to us here.