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How Flash Drives Are Ideal for Colleges & Universities

How Flash Drives Are Ideal for Colleges & Universities

Whether you call them flash drives, jump drives, thumb drives, USB drives or compact flash memory, one thing is certain – educational institutions of all sizes are increasingly finding unique and innovative ways to leverage the capabilities of these handy little devices.

Flash Drive History

Before we “jump” into the rapidly growing list of benefits flash drives offer, here is a “cliff’s notes” version of their history. The name derives from the use of flash memory – solid state memory chips – rather than the spinning magnetic disk of a hard drive.

These compact memory “drives” plug directly into the Universal Serial Bus (USB) port of your computer and are typically built to store between 64 megabytes and 128 gigabytes of data. These convenient compact flash drives act as reusable, portable hard drives which are about the size of a pack of gum.

USB Flash Drive Functionality at Universities and Colleges

USB flash drive technology has soared at Universities and Colleges in recent years and their uses are countless. Custom logo flash drives can feature the school colors and be stamped with the mascot or logo – for a multitude of uses. As a result, customized flash drives have become the popular “buy” in University and College campus bookstores not only by students, but faculty alike.

Pre-loaded with video, slide shows, music or other promotional content, flash drives are rapidly becoming an effective tool to enhance University or College recruitment campaigns and many other aspects of the educational process. USB flash drives can be programmed to auto-run customized messages or load a specific website when inserted into a computer.

Users can store additional information on the flash drive alongside the preloaded information – and coupled with a custom University logo on your flash memory stick – makes USB flash drive marketing one of the rare occurrences when the target of your promotion can continue to use the marketing “tool” everyday.

Examples of USB Flash Drive Applications for Schools:

Recruitment and Admissions

A custom logo flash drive can be pre-loaded with anything from a video tour of the campus to a presentation of a specific department to enrollment materials. University or College custom USB drives make the perfect gift to students attending a recruitment event and can be sent as incentives to high demand students.

Promotion of School Departments, Student Organizations and Event Schedules

Pre-loaded, custom flash drives offer more impact as a promotional tool than flyers, brochures and handbooks.

Donor and Alumni Gifts

Custom logo USB flash drives are a fun and useful gift – and the perfect way to show your donors how important they are to you. The USB drive can be preloaded with a video “Thank You from the President”, a school event calendar or donation and tax benefit materials.

Faculty and Student Handbooks

University faculty and student handbooks or other manuals can be preloaded onto a flash drive with hyperlinks to important websites.

Bye Bye Blue Book

With the prevalence of laptops, campuses are increasingly incorporating flash drive technology into the examination and homework process. For example, a USB drive can be customized with the department, teacher or course information and preloaded with exams. The flash drives are handed in upon completion

Lectures and Presentations

No need to lug around the briefcase… a USB flash drive can easily hold your lectures for the entire year. Multiple flash drives can be used to organize by class or topic

Graduation Day

Who better to send out into the world with your brand than the bright-eyed graduates? These flash drives can be preloaded with information to help keep the graduate involved in your University, such as event schedules, donation information and links to your alumni website.

Community Outreach

There’s always a need to exemplify the many ways in which students and faculty are working to create a bridge between the campus and the community. Flash drives preloaded with a video or a slide show can be sold at local businesses to help promote the image of the school.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is as a stand alone technology device, USB flash drives offer several benefits to the University or College environment. However, with the addition of your school brand and pre-loaded messaging, custom flash drives serve as a valuable and functional marketing tool that will command the attention needed to strengthen the enrollment numbers and the educational process. 1401 Wewatta St. #103 | Denver, CO 80202
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