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Higher Ground Music Festival THIS WEEKEND!


The Higher Ground Music Festival is THIS WEEKEND and we’re happy to be a sponsor!

Come see us around Casselman’s  in downtown Denver on Friday night and all day Saturday while enjoying a wide variety of musical styles across multiple stages!

The full lineup and schedule can be found at the Higher Ground Music Festival website here.


Denver musician Ron McMillon

Denver saxophonist Ron Mcmillion's new EP is being printed by Eyedea Worx!

Denver saxophonist Ron Mcmillion’s new EP is being printed by Eyedea Worx!

Denver musician and composer Ron Mcmillon is set to release “Talkin’ About Jesus” this month and we’re happy to announce that Eyedea Worx will be handling the printing of this great new album!

A Colorado native with over 20 years of performance experience, Ron’s music is a sweet blend of smooth jazz, soul, and gospel with a passion for bringing his spiritual root to as many people as possible.

The new album “Talkin’ About Jesus” is produced by noted jazz producer Darren Rahn; You can hear Ron’s first radio single”It is Me” on Soundcloud right now!

Eyedea Worx is thrilled to be working with such talent and look forward to the release!

Any music fans in Colorado should plan on being at The Soiled Dove May 2, 2015 at 8pm for what promises to be an incredible night of live jazz!

Ron Mcmillon

Album Review: Whatever You Want by The Congress


by Brooke Layman

Eyedea Worx recently printed the second release of “Whatever You Want” from The Congress. I am one lucky gal to be able to help produce these projects and write reviews about them. Plus, I get to hear lots of amazing music so that’s an added bonus.

As soon as I put this album in my player I started tapping my toes and chair dancing. The title track, “Whatever You Want,” was the perfect way to start my afternoon. From there I was wooed by the unexpected and somehow eerily romantic harmonies on “Walls” and then seduced by the slow passion of “Impatiently.”

The obvious favorite track for me was “Keep Virginia” which happens to be the state where I was born and raised. The Congress captured the feeling of a July afternoon covered in the perspiration that comes with that thick cloud of humidity that is Virginia in the summer. I was transported back home to a dock on the water and the smell of honeysuckle in the air.


I love how each of the songs tells a story which is sometimes hard for rock and roll bands to accomplish. But best of all, you can tell that these guys had a blast recording this album which is perfectly mixed and mastered. Brownie points to Mark Fuller, John Macy and Scott Lane of Macy Sound Studios.

If you haven’t heard The Congress, you are probably waiting for me to compare them to another band so you have some point of reference. Well too bad. There are hints of so many different rock and roll greats it would be an injustice to try and not leave one out. Let’s put it this way: If you took all of your favorite rock and roll legends, threw them in to a blender and topped it off with caramel sauce, you would have The Congress.

Even better for you, The Congress will be playing April 5th at the Bluebird Theater in Denver. If we all show up, we might get them to play more local shows. Who’s with me?


March Featured Artist: Meniskus


by Brooke Layman

Meniskus is not an easy band to review. Usually I’m taken to a certain place or time or memory that I can relate the music I’m hearing to. I sat down at my desk today and played song after song after song. What happened? I wasn’t transported to one place or time or memory, I was suspended above them all. Yes… all of them. The deliberate rhythms, the soothing vocals, the explosion and depth of their craft… These guys don’t mess around.

It’s even difficult to compare Meniskus to other musicians. Some have likened them to local talent Devotchka, and in fact both bands record at Boulder, Colorado’s legendary Coupe Studios. The band says they draw inspiration from bands like U2, Pink Floyd, and Tool which can be heard in the haunting romance that comes through on songs like “Letters.” But there is also a distant hint of post-punk influences like The Cure which makes Meniskus even more layered and alluring. With the intricacies and blending of sounds, it’s hard to believe that there are only three of them on stage.


The band consists of Ryt, Ostberg, and Bardusco, all from different backgrounds and music philosophies including classical, Latin, and electronic/dance. Their sound brings to mind what a symphony by Mozart might sound like if he were to compose one while listening to Carlos Santana and eating Arroz con Pollo for dinner. It’s magnificent and flavorful.

While they have currently been on a break from playing 100+ shows a year, Meniskus is still staying busy. With the recent release of their new music video “Greed” and their side project, Rue Vital which integrates local and national talents into an on stage jam session of bliss, these guys are truly dedicated to their craft. When you have opened for bands like Dave Matthews, Tom Petty, and The Roots, you know that you’ve got something special and Meniskus definitely does. Make sure to connect with the band so you don’t miss out on the announcement of May/June concert dates in Colorado.

How to find Meniskus:

Website | Facebook | YouTube