DVD Authoring With Eyedea Worx

Eyedea Worx and Notion Worx are here to make creating custom media and merchandise as easy as possible for our clients, which is why offer so many different services.

Often when creating custom printed merchandise, graphic design is necessary to get a logo or custom artwork ready to print. When duplicating or replicating CDs, we sometimes have to help with creating a master when a physical CD or DDP is not ready.

For film projects, this often means creating a DVD title menu, editing video clips, or authoring a DVD master. DVD authoring is just one of the many services we can provide to clients to help make the process of creating custom DVD packages as quick and easy as possible.


There are many options when creating a DVD master, and we are here to make sure create a product that is consistent with what you want to see. There are several things we will ask about when putting together a plan for creating your DVDs, including:

-Another important question is how you’d like the DVD to play. A common option is an autorun, where is where the DVD will automatically play from the beginning of main title without showing a menu first, and will continue to play on a loop. This is a great option for training videos or videos that will play in the background of a trade show or other event. Filmmakers and musicians often want to have a menu appear first to choose between clips or songs, in which case we can create a DVD title menu.

-Should you want a custom menu, we can author it with your custom background images and text. Simply email us the image you’d like for the background, the text you’d like to see, and any other special instructions and we will send you a proof of what the menu looks like before we create the master.

-Depending on the size and length of your video, the type of DVD necessary for your project is also important. A standard DVD is a “DVD5″ and can hold 4.7GB, which is approximately 3 hours of video. If the project has multiple files that go over that, a “DVD9” (also known as “dual-layer”) can hold 8.5GB of data. Dual-layer discs are going to be more costly, but will hold much more video, so it’s important to know how long the master will be before pricing out any DVD duplication or replication.

-If your files are digital, we prefer a high quality Apple Pro-Res files, which are a high-resolution video file that makes for the best final product. If you have another kind of file (such as a .MP4 or .WAV), those should still be very good quality, but might not be as sharp as a Pro-Res. We cannot take low-resolution files and create amazing looking video from it; whatever quality video you provide us is what will be authored into a master and ultimately produced, so the higher quality from the start, the better.

These are just a few things we will ask when beginning your DVD project that help us to create what you have in mind. Contact us to discuss the many ways that we can help YOU take your video and create a DVD!

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