Graphic Design from Eyedea Worx!

Eyedea Worx and Notion Worx are proud to provide a wide range of services, including CD and DVD duplication/replication, custom branded merchandise production, USB flash drive production, and print services.

Among the many thing that Eyedea Worx and Notion Worx can do for our clients, we also provide graphic design!

Our marketing-savvy graphic design department create a winning, high-impact, professional packaging style to fit the specific needs of your project and the unique tastes of your audience. Whether you’re looking to create a new packaging design from scratch or just need some assistance giving your packaging design a finishing touch, we have your covered.

We can develop a brand-new design for you based entirely on your specifications, or we can help you choose from a wide variety of pre-existing templates (for DVD, CD, flash drives, or whatever item you want to produce!)


If you want to print a custom graphic on a certain item but don’t have any artwork ready, that’s no problem because we can create it for you! Prices vary depending on the intricacy of the desired artwork, but we will only charge for exactly the time it takes to get the perfect design for your band, business, or special event.

You can find more information about our graphic design services at our website here, or just contact us to tell us what CUSTOM design you want to work with us to create for YOU!

800-973-9383 x106


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