Video on Demand from Eyedea Worx!

Video on Demand is the best way to monetize and distribute your digital content on-line. Make your videos available anytime, anywhere, on any device!

Customers can download your videos and watch whenever they like on smartphones, tablets, laptops, TV’s, or any other connected device – even when they’re offline.

Choose a plan, tell us how you want to get paid, and upload and organize your content. We also design and create a ‘Sell Page’ just for you, so you can start selling immediately, right from your site!


Customers complete a secure purchase on your site via your cart. Afterward,they can push play and start watching immediately AND download a free app for their device to watch offline at any time, buffer-free.

The best part is how easy it is to set up and maintain- no web skills required! Branding and analytics come standard; Plugins and upgrades available from Eyedea Worx:
• More sales channels, more upsells, more lead capture and conversion
• Create your own branded video app
• Warehouse your digital titles to endless video store partners & affiliates
• Use our cart and payment processing for no additional cost
• Improve user experience and brand with a custom theme library
• Use Eyedea Worx to sell and deliver titles from your own webpage
• Convert DVD customers to digital with add-on digital offering

Visit our Eyedea Worx website for more information about this video on demand service and get your video content working for you today!!

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