Make The Most of Your Branded Promotional Merchandise

branded promotional products

Promotion is important for any kind of business; whether you’ve been around for years or are just starting, getting your brand into the minds of future customers is what keeps a business thriving.

This is why it is so important to have great branded merchandise to promote your brand and make sure that people think of you first when in the market for your products.

Since the average person needs to see a brand seven times before buying, here are a few tips for making the most out of your custom branded promotional products:

Quality is Important

Promotional merchandise with your logo on it is a great way to leave an impression with a potential client, so it’s best to have something that will highlight your business’ high quality. This might take some more time and a bit more of an initial investment, but it will certainly pay off when a great-looking promotional item leads to clients that already know you are the best choice.

Stand Out and Be Flashy!

People who attend trade shows are handed countless promotional items throughout a convention, so it’s much better to take some time and think about what will stand out from the crowd. Basic items like pens, key chains, and flyers are an easy start, but what will really get some attention? Branded speakers, golf balls, and headphones are all items that will leave a huge impression on your new customers.

Offer a Diverse Swag Bag

“Swag bags” are a great way to offer a variety of different promotional giveaways to new customers. By placing 3 or 4 well-chosen items in a branded bag, you can be sure to have at least 1 item that will get a positive response and get your brand seen. Notion Worx offers over 500,000 promotional products to choose from, so there are plenty of choices to brand some great swag!

Include Contact Information with a Business Card or Download Card

When putting together a swag bag, it’s a good idea to include some contact information so that a promotional item will directly lead to your phone ringing with new business. Business cards are an inexpensive and classic way to get your contact information out there, but there are other options that might make you stand out even more. Download cards are business cards with a unique code that directs people to your website and allows them to enter the code to download whatever exclusive content you want, or card-shaped flash drives are a way to load the data directly onto it!

Make it Your Own!

Whatever kind or quantity of branded merchandise you may choose, you have the opportunity to personalize it to be exactly what you want. So let your imagination run wild and choose items that represent the ideals you want potential customers to know about you.

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