Eco-Friendly Merchandise!

Since it’s Earth Day this week, we here at Eyedea Worx and Notion Worx wanted to let you know that we carry a wide range of products that are eco-friendly.

As great as it is to get a new CD package with shrink wrap on it, it’s understandable that many artists and businesses want to go with something that will leave the smallest carbon footprint possible- it’s very easy for all that plastic to pile up!

That’s why one of the many things we provide to our clients is branded merchandise that is made from 100% recycled material.

Here just a few of the options we have at Eyedea Worx for eco-friendly merchandise:

CDs from 100% Recycled Materials


eco friendly cds


Made from 100% recycled materials, we offer many of the same options for regular CD and DVD packages in this more Eco-friendly option. We do not shrink wrap these and the packages themselves are a much greener option.

 Download Cards Made from Seeds



Download cards are a great way for musicians to either give out their music to fans or sell it as an alternative to CDs. These special Eco-friendly download cards are made from wildflower seeds, not the standard plastic.

Cotton Drawstring Backpack with Rope Strings



Backpacks are an excellent walking advertisement for your brand and very useful. Unlike most standard packs in this style, the straps are made of rope instead of plastic and the body is still a comfortable 100% cotton material, making it great for hiking or any other outdoor activity!

all eco friendly

These are just a few of the many Eco-friendly products that we have available for our clients at Eyedea Worx, and you can see many more of them at our website here.

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