April Featured Artist: Megan Burtt


by Brooke Layman

Through the years I’ve latched on to the powerful lyrics of female songsters like Sarah Mac and Jonatha Brooke who tugged at my heart strings with each song as if they knew what mood I was in and what words I needed to hear to get through some particular time in my teenage years. Now at an older age it wasn’t until recently when I heard Megan Burtt that I remembered what it was like to have the music understand you and hug you like a best friend.

With soul, strength, and seduction, Megan knows how to write. Some have called her a songwriting phenomenon and I couldn’t agree more. After winning several folk festival songwriting competitions, Megan has etched her place in the Denver music scene.

If you think I’m referring to bitching and whining, you are very wrong. Megan is a true musician with not only a beautiful voice, she has also mastered the guitar and piano. Her music offers an air of confidence that is matched by her outgoing and refreshing stage presence. With a quirky personality including a dash of dorkiness, Megan is just what you would expect from a Colorado girl with voluptuous red hair.

If you’ve ever tried to write a song you know that sometimes it comes easy and other times it just doesn’t come at all. Even harder is writing a song a week for a year, just what Megan is currently doing for the Real Women Real Songs project on YouTube. As one of 22 female artists participating, Megan is posting a new song each week based on a predetermined prompt like “happiness” or “puzzled.”

You can also catch Megan on some amazing compilation albums like the soon to be released Musicians in Action sampler and “In Good Company, Vol. 1: The Colorado Sessions” featuring songs co-written by Megan and a number of other incredible Colorado musicians.

Take a listen to “Waited for June” and download it for free on our Facebook page.

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