The Importance of An Entertainment Media Release

Are you getting ready to release a CD or film project, or are you planning on hosting an awesome show or event soon? Well, don’t forget to send out a media release to gain the attention and exposure of journalists and media outlets.
We know that media releases seem substandard to the exposure and power of social media, however they are still a key ingredient to the success of entertainment publicity. The endorsement of well-known journalists and media outlets hold a lot of weight when it comes to entertainment promotion, even more so than social media and a general online presence.
Here’s a brief overview on how to format a media release before it is distributed to the media:
When it comes to writing a media release, you can either do it yourself or hire a professional writer. Media releases are not hard to write, however there is a format that must be adhered to.
The header of a release must have all of your contact information including: your name, phone number and email address. This is usually located the top of either corner and will include the line: “FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE” in all capitals and bolded as to display the urgency of the information within the document.
The line down from the header is where you would put in the headliner for the release, it should be strong and captivating to lure journalists in.
At the beginning of the body the location needs to be identified with a dash after it i.e. New York, NY- or Denver, CO–. The first paragraph needs to be direct and concise and must answer all of the following questions: who, what, why, where and how. Include a compelling and sellable quote from a key authority such as yourself, other project partners/investors or the management team. The final paragraph should contain helpful information on the project or event that is being highlighted and should be kept short and simple.
The final piece of the release will be the boilerplate that provides information on the artist or band as well as your website, again this should be concise as well.
By: Carolee Rojas


P.R. template example provided:

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