How To Have A Successful CD Release Party

You’ve worked long and hard on your music project and now it’s time for you to unveil your masterpiece to the world!
But before you start you thinking of selling your CDs and planning a CD release party at the newest hot spot in the city, be sure that you have a successful CD release party plan in place. Here are six tips to ensure that your new music release party is successful:
1. Have copyrights to your songs. You’re planning on sharing your work so protect it. Submit your song(s) for copyrights at: You have the option of submitting your material online or mailing it in.
2. Set the date in advance. Don’t make the mistake of setting the release date up before you physically have your CDs in hand.
3. Have launch and post-release strategy. This will make or break the success of your release party and also your music project as a whole. Bring the hype and build anticipation well in advance via social networking sites, your website, mail/email lists and the press.
4. Invite the media, reviewers and bloggers. This should be done at least two months prior to the release as most journalists plan out their editorial calendars far in advance.
5. Make purchasing your music easy and submit it online. Sign up with an online music service such as iTunes, Amazon or Reverb Nation. Providing party guests with download cards for a free song is a great way to get them to your site.
6. Don’t sell your CDs at the release party, give them away. The reason you invite people to a CD release party is to share your music with them so that they will share your music with others by word of mouth, social networking and by traditional media outlets.
By: Carolee Rojas

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