How SEO could help you sell more music!

Okay, so you’ve done all of the things that are crucial to beginning your music career: you’ve practiced your craft to perfection, mustered up the courage to perform live shows, started your own website, became a bona fide social media ninja, created an awesome fan following, studio recorded your tracks and even got some epic CDs to give and sell to your beloved music lovers at your album release party, but now what?

Just like you must continue creating new music, continue performing to engage your existing audience as well as grow your audience, you must also continue to freshen your content and engagement online as well. Of course, staying on top of your social media platforms are helpful and important, however there is one more online must that is absolutely imperative to not only your online presence, but even more important to your record sales and that is, search engine optimization a.k.a SEO.
I know what you’re thinking… you’re not an e-commerce website in need of online sales. This may be true, however the visibility of your website and your entire online presence is crucial to how easily accessible you are to your current followers and even more important your prospective followers. The easier you are to find and learn more about, the easier it will be to sell your music on and offline.
The good news in all of this is that is doesn’t take much to spruce up your Google swag and get your website closer to the top of the search engines.
Here are three simple ways to keep your website on top of its SEO game:

1. Create more content. A blog is a great way to add more content to your website all while being creative and informative.


2. Keep your content fresh. Create copy that is unique and resist the temptation to duplicate content.


3. Pay attention to your site speed. Google’s thought is that faster sites make happy users and with this they suggest that websites load in less than two seconds. Put your site to the test on

By: Carolee Rojas

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