USB Flash Drives – Effectiveness of Branded Promotional Products

For many years free branded products have been hits at tradeshows, public promotional events, festivals, fairs, and any other large gatherings of both current and potential customers.

Branded products provide customers with a useful product while at the same time providing advertisers a way to get their brand name “out there” and recognized.

Unlike typical forms of media advertising which are seen once and often disregarded; branded products are kept, used, and most importantly seen over and over by the person who receives it, who is simultaneously the potential customer.

Think of the typical life cycle of a flyer or newspaper ad. It is seen once or not at all, read or ignored, and then thrown out in the garbage. It “lives” for minutes or hours, if it “lives” at all.

Now think of the typical life cycle of a branded item such as a pen, stapler, stress ball, business card holder, etc… It is received, looked at, and the brand or company giving it away is acknowledged. Then it is kept for days, weeks, months, years, or longer at someone’s house, in their car, in their office, or elsewhere. It is repeatedly seen over and over by the potential customer, which helps build the strong brand awareness that any company NEEDS to succeed.

So what are the only downfalls of giving out free branded products?

They are expensive when compared to typical advertisements such as flyers and newspaper ads
They are not always received by your target market. For example: you want to target 18-25 year olds, but all your branded items end up being given to 5 and 6 year old children who kept coming to your booth for the free branded product.

How does our solution overcome these downfalls?

We reduce cost by offering you the lowest price in the industry for our products.
When your potential customers request a free beer mug we collect demographic information such as age, sex, and location, so that you can target only those customers you wish to target.
In other words, if you want to market your new hat to males aged 15-25, we will only send products branded with “Your Hat Name” to men aged 15-25 years.

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