Flex VCD® Thin DVD & Flex HD-DVD® Replication Services

Eyedea Worx offers Flexible Thin DVD Disc (Flex VCD®) & (Flex HD-DVD®) replication and pre-mastering services:

Flex VCD® Disc is a new pioneering pre-recorded Format:

  • Only 0.6mm disc thick! (Full size Disc & 80mm Mini Disc )
  • Disc can be bent and “flexed” without damaging
  • Perfect for “cover mount” and direct mail
  • Plays just like a regular disc, available in DVD-5 4.7 GB, HD-DVD 15 GB, Mini 1.1 GB DVD and 3.7 GB HD-DVD capacity

Flex VCD® Thin DVD-5 Disc (4.7 GB), HD-DVD (15 GB), 3″ Mini (80mm) VCD (1.1 GB) and Mini Flex HD-DVD (3.7 GB) is the latest technology in the DVD manufacturing sector. The single layer format has the same capacity of a DVD-5 & HD-DVD, but is half the thickness of a standard DVD. This patent-pending disc format is literally “flexible”. Designed, engineered, and tested by Eyedea Worx engineers on site, this new format is ideal for any disc based direct mail application due to its resilience to breakage, shattering, and cracking. All discs are inspected for defects and measurements are taken from samples to ensure that the high quality standards are maintained. The first discs replicated are bit-for-bit tested with the original source master and also inserted into several DVD players & drives to test functionality.


800.973.9383 or info@eyedeaworx.com

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