DVD mastering, CD Mastering and DualDisc Mastering

Eyedea Worx has the most advanced mastering technology in the industry and possesses an increased production capacity. This enables us to fulfill your order quickly and efficiently.

DVD Mastering / CD Mastering is a process that transfers customer’s data into a stamper, which is ready for CD-ROM and or DVD and or HD-DVD replication. The master from the customer that contains the digital information in the form of a DLT, DVDR/DVD, CDR/CD, USB Hard Drive or image DDP/ HD-DVD is verified, formatted and loaded by the Quality Control Department. Using a Laser Beam Recording machine (LBR), the Mastering Department transfers the digital information onto the glass master that has been coated with photo resist. After being developed and activated, the glass is transferred to an electro-forming bath to grow the stamper. The finished stamper is sent to the Injection Molding Department to replicate in the injection molding machine.



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