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Eyedea Worx and Notion Worx are looking to expand the team! See the job description below and email us if you are interested!

Dynamic well established marketing firm is seeking a motivated professional to join our team. This phone pro will generate leads and provide sales support for current marketing managers. If you are looking to work in a fun environment where company culture is valued and the room for growth is supported, then this might be the job for you.

Notion Worx (www.notionworx.com) & Eyedea Worx (www.eyedeaworx.com) is a Denver based CD/DVD replicator, graphic design, broadcast media supply, promotional products and printing Company, established in 2007 our company continues to grow.  Our products include: *Promotional Products * CD – DVD Duplication * DVD – CD Replication * Blu-Ray Disc * Product Fulfillment Services * DVD Authoring * Graphic Design *Custom Printing * Broadcast Media (DVDR’s, CD’s, DVCAM, Beta Cam etc.)

Job Description: Lead generator will help increase our sales and help grow for the company. Outbound telephone-based sales support.  Maintaining call volume with the intent to appointment set for the Sales Managers. Generate interest among prospects through various lead contact activities, primarily via cold calling potential leads. Develop superior customer service relationships with prospects – adding value with each contact, ensuring that activity is leading the prospect closer an appointment. You will identify and introduce yourself and qualify a highly diverse market of independent filmmakers, musicians, corporate clients, educators, advertisers and video producers locally and nationally. Our goal is to find a hard working individual with sales experience to help increase our sales and grow the company. Hours are Monday thru Friday from 8am-5pm, no weekends or Holidays.

Skills and Requirements:

  • Outbound calling and sales experience preferred.  Generate interest among prospects through various lead contact activities – majority of contact generation via the phone. Placing outbound calls (cold calls) to businesses and set appointments for Sales Managers.
  • Learn and demonstrate a fundamental understanding of Eyedea Worx products and services – and clearly articulate capabilities and advantages to prospective customers.
  • Qualify and educate prospects about Eyedea Worx solutions based upon their needs to include working multiple sales prospects at one time
  • Demonstrate and find solutions and effectively communicate those solutions to potential customers.
  • Effectively communicate progress and concerns of potential and existing customers to Sales Managers. Ensures a seamless transition of customer expectations and account responsibilities to the Sales Manager during account transition periods.
  • Presentation skills and closing skills required. Excellent verbal commination skills
  • Meets / exceeds quota on monthly, quarterly, annual basis.


  • Hourly +- PLUS Commission (15% of Gross Profit)
  • Monthly Volume Bonus (1% of Gross Sales)
  • Daily New Account Bonuses

Review our website (www.eyedeaworx.com  and www.notionworx.com ) prior to submission. Only serious inquiries need apply. Please respond by attaching a cover letter, resume and salary requirements. employment@eyedeaworx.com    NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE

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Our blog and website, Eyedeaworx.com, is a great source of information about the many services we offer for media duplication, custom branded merchandise including USB flash drives, and more.

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DVD Authoring With Eyedea Worx

Eyedea Worx and Notion Worx are here to make creating custom media and merchandise as easy as possible for our clients, which is why offer so many different services.

Often when creating custom printed merchandise, graphic design is necessary to get a logo or custom artwork ready to print. When duplicating or replicating CDs, we sometimes have to help with creating a master when a physical CD or DDP is not ready.

For film projects, this often means creating a DVD title menu, editing video clips, or authoring a DVD master. DVD authoring is just one of the many services we can provide to clients to help make the process of creating custom DVD packages as quick and easy as possible.


There are many options when creating a DVD master, and we are here to make sure create a product that is consistent with what you want to see. There are several things we will ask about when putting together a plan for creating your DVDs, including:

-Another important question is how you’d like the DVD to play. A common option is an autorun, where is where the DVD will automatically play from the beginning of main title without showing a menu first, and will continue to play on a loop. This is a great option for training videos or videos that will play in the background of a trade show or other event. Filmmakers and musicians often want to have a menu appear first to choose between clips or songs, in which case we can create a DVD title menu.

-Should you want a custom menu, we can author it with your custom background images and text. Simply email us the image you’d like for the background, the text you’d like to see, and any other special instructions and we will send you a proof of what the menu looks like before we create the master.

-Depending on the size and length of your video, the type of DVD necessary for your project is also important. A standard DVD is a “DVD5″ and can hold 4.7GB, which is approximately 3 hours of video. If the project has multiple files that go over that, a “DVD9” (also known as “dual-layer”) can hold 8.5GB of data. Dual-layer discs are going to be more costly, but will hold much more video, so it’s important to know how long the master will be before pricing out any DVD duplication or replication.

-If your files are digital, we prefer a high quality Apple Pro-Res files, which are a high-resolution video file that makes for the best final product. If you have another kind of file (such as a .MP4 or .WAV), those should still be very good quality, but might not be as sharp as a Pro-Res. We cannot take low-resolution files and create amazing looking video from it; whatever quality video you provide us is what will be authored into a master and ultimately produced, so the higher quality from the start, the better.

These are just a few things we will ask when beginning your DVD project that help us to create what you have in mind. Contact us to discuss the many ways that we can help YOU take your video and create a DVD!

ISO Files and How To Provide Us Your Video Master

We recently posted about how to provide us with your audio master for duplication and replication projects. We work with many different bands and musicians to provide high-quality CD duplication and replication, for which we prefer a master in the form of a DDP file or a physical audio CD.

Eyedea Worx and Notion Worx also handles many different film projects, from features and documentaries to corporate training videos and instructional DVDs. For video projects, our requirements for a client-provided master are much the same as with audio; we prefer an .ISO file or a physical DVD master copy.

Much like with a DDP, an ISO file is a single file that’s an exact representation of an entire video file. The contents of a disc can be precisely duplicated in a single ISO file, which means that we can then duplicate the exact contents of the video project without needing any additional instructions.


An ISO file is the only file that essentially acts like a physical DVD, with all of the data intact. This is why we like to either receive an ISO or a physical DVD, as both are great for re-creating an exact video sequence. ISO files can be sent via a program like Wetransfer or Dropbox and can reach us from anywhere in the world, saving shipping time and cost.

If you have separate video files (like MP4, Apple Pro-Res, or any other video format), we here at Eyedea Worx can most likely edit the clips together and author a new DVD master, but this will require some additional time and cost. Cost for video editing and authoring will depend on the length of the video and particular requirements for the DVD menu, as well as total time is takes to complete all requests. We also will need exact instructions for editing and sequencing and will create a test disc for approval before moving forward with any duplication or replication; this extra time is often not possible if a job needs to be turned around quickly.

So when considering Eyedea Worx for your DVD duplication and replication, keep in mind that the best master you can provide to ensure accurate reproduction is either a physical DVD or a ISO file. 

FREE Digital Distribution on ALL Orders Over $497!

Eyedea Worx is happy to work with so many different musicians and artists to help make their work a tangible reality. In addition to CD and DVD packages, USB flash drives, and branded merchandise, we are also happy to offer packages like the “MERCH TABLE” special and as many breaks as we can on the many other necessary items that musicians need to promote their new music



In addition to FREE digital distribution with the MERCH TABLE special, we also like to remind our clients that we provide digital distribution FREE with ANY order placed over $497!

ANY order of custom branded merchandise, USB flash drives, download cards, or CD/DVD packages that is over $497 total is entitled to a code that will provide FREE digital distribution through CD Baby to just about every major online music retailer.

So for bands and musicians that want to stock up on a few different things to offer fans, Eyedea Worx will not only help to produce custom branded merchandise in time for a CD release party, but will also help to get your music on the internet for FREE, as well!

Just contact us for more information on these special deals from Eyedea Worx and Notion Worx!

Digital Distribution Eblast shorter version


800-973-9383 x106

DDP and How to Provide Us With Your Master


Eyedea Worx creates many CD projects for bands and musicians who have a new release to share with their fans.

Before we can replicate a musical project, however, we need to have a master that we can accurately re-produce while ensuring that the track order and audio quality remains intact.

There are several ways to provide us with a master, but our preference is to receive a DDP (Disc Description Protocol) or a physical replication-ready CD.  A DDP  file is basically a digital version of a completed CD, with all of the relevant information already attached to the files, including:

  1. -Files labeled DDPID, DDPMS, and DDPPQ (or SUBCODES) that all describe and organize the disc
  2. -A file that contains the audio data for the disc
  3. -A file that contains the CD Text information for the disc

A DPP is typically provided by an audio engineer or a mastering house and is the simplest, easiest, and most accurate way for Eyedea Worx to receive your master. DDP facilitates direct upload for duplication or replication and is a flawless delivery method to ensure that your copies will be exactly in the order that you intended.


If you don’t have a DDP or a physical CD master, we can accept .WAV files. We prefer to receive these files through Wetransfer, a free service that allows users to send larger files.

Once received, we must burn a physical copy of those individual .WAV files in order to create the master copy for replication or duplication.

In order for us to take individual .WAV files and create a CD that matches what you envision for the final product, however, we will need you to send us some instructions before we create the master copy:

  1. -In what order do the tracks need to be sequenced? Even if the .WAV files are numbered in the file name, having a track list will ensure that we can get the order correct.
  2. -Do you want any gaps between songs? Typically there is a 2 second pause between each track on a standard CD, but we can create the master with either a 1 second gap or no gaps if necessary.
  3. -Do you want the project’s information text embedded  on the CD? This means that the master and all copies created will have the artist name, album name, and all track titles embedded onto it so that it automatically displays the information when played in a car stereo or in a computer player like Itunes or Windows Media Player.

Creating a physical master from .WAV files does require some time on our end, so there is a $25 fee to create a master from .WAV files. Embedding the text information also requires additional time, so there is an additional $25 fee to create a text-embedded master. Once the physical master is created, we will send you a test disk (there will be a shipping charge if you’re not in Denver) so you can double-check that the master is exactly how you intended before we make any copies.

So while we can receive .WAV files to create a master for replication, it is overall quicker and easier to send us a physical master CD or DDP that you’ve already reviewed to make sure that it is exactly the final product you want to create!

Graphic Design from Eyedea Worx!

Eyedea Worx and Notion Worx are proud to provide a wide range of services, including CD and DVD duplication/replication, custom branded merchandise production, USB flash drive production, and print services.

Among the many thing that Eyedea Worx and Notion Worx can do for our clients, we also provide graphic design!

Our marketing-savvy graphic design department create a winning, high-impact, professional packaging style to fit the specific needs of your project and the unique tastes of your audience. Whether you’re looking to create a new packaging design from scratch or just need some assistance giving your packaging design a finishing touch, we have your covered.

We can develop a brand-new design for you based entirely on your specifications, or we can help you choose from a wide variety of pre-existing templates (for DVD, CD, flash drives, or whatever item you want to produce!)


If you want to print a custom graphic on a certain item but don’t have any artwork ready, that’s no problem because we can create it for you! Prices vary depending on the intricacy of the desired artwork, but we will only charge for exactly the time it takes to get the perfect design for your band, business, or special event.

You can find more information about our graphic design services at our website here, or just contact us to tell us what CUSTOM design you want to work with us to create for YOU!


800-973-9383 x106


Video on Demand from Eyedea Worx!

Video on Demand is the best way to monetize and distribute your digital content on-line. Make your videos available anytime, anywhere, on any device!

Customers can download your videos and watch whenever they like on smartphones, tablets, laptops, TV’s, or any other connected device – even when they’re offline.

Choose a plan, tell us how you want to get paid, and upload and organize your content. We also design and create a ‘Sell Page’ just for you, so you can start selling immediately, right from your site!


Customers complete a secure purchase on your site via your cart. Afterward,they can push play and start watching immediately AND download a free app for their device to watch offline at any time, buffer-free.

The best part is how easy it is to set up and maintain- no web skills required! Branding and analytics come standard; Plugins and upgrades available from Eyedea Worx:
• More sales channels, more upsells, more lead capture and conversion
• Create your own branded video app
• Warehouse your digital titles to endless video store partners & affiliates
• Use our cart and payment processing for no additional cost
• Improve user experience and brand with a custom theme library
• Use Eyedea Worx to sell and deliver titles from your own webpage
• Convert DVD customers to digital with add-on digital offering

Visit our Eyedea Worx website for more information about this video on demand service and get your video content working for you today!!